Dachshunds, yes. Big dogs, no

In Palm Springs, California and surroundings, the debate about where exactly dogs should be allowed to go continues. The local newspaper reports on the situation and quotes a Dachshund owner, who has taken her wiener dog to some forbidden places:

Trish Pierce of Palm Desert said she has never had any problems taking Katie and Rose, her two miniature dachshunds, to home improvement stores such as Lowe’s.

“You wouldn’t even know they’re there,” she said. “They’re very well-behaved.”

Restaurants and grocery stores are a bit more complicated. Under state law, animals are not allowed in any business where food is prepared, sold or stored, save for police dogs or service animals such as seeing-eye dogs.

The law allows pets on the patios of restaurants, but it’s easy to find places where the rules are bent for steady customers.

Still, many people, with or without pets, see a difference between a pint-sized pooch in a carrier case and larger animals.

Pierce admits that when Katie was a puppy, she used to take her to the grocery store in a carrier bag but, she said, “I don’t think big dogs should be running around.”

As far as the Dachshund News is concerned, the same rules should apply to kids and dogs. The well behaved should be welcome and the undisciplined and disruptive should be sent packing.