Dachshund triumphs over adversity

Dachshund triumphs over adversity

A tribute to Jackson, a true survivor

Nine-year-old Jackson the Dachshund is clearly loved by his family, who wrote up his story for London’s Daily Telegraph:

I have walked my dogs in Richmond Park for almost 40 years and, on one hot summer day, we took our usual favourite stroll. Suddenly I heard Jackson scream behind me and in horror turned to see a huge female deer attacking him. My darling dog was on the ground, not moving, whimpering as the deer reared up on hind legs ready to land on him with two hooves.

She towered above me but I screamed, waving my arms trying to stop another attack. There was no one near to help.

I dashed forward, scooped him up and ran with him, blood pouring, towards the car park. I could not believe it when I heard, behind my shoulder, this deer following me, forcing me to pick up a stick and run backwards shouting to keep her at bay.