Dachshund survives bite of deadliest rattlesnake

The Daily Press of Victorville, California reports:

After a week of intensive care, Dutch the dachshund is recovering from what experts thought would be a fatal bite from a Mojave Green rattlesnake.

Veterinarians, who cared for the dog 24 hours a day for roughly six days, said the incident has taught them much about what to expect and how to treat future bite victims. They said it’s the first case they’re aware of locally of successfully treating a bite from the deadliest rattlesnake in North America, which typically leads to a dog being euthanized.

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4 thoughts on “Dachshund survives bite of deadliest rattlesnake

  1. Ben

    Man, some of those dachshunds are troopers…mine, on the other hand, was stung by something last week and ended up in emergency 🙂

  2. CCasper

    Question if anyone can help — my mini dachshund was bit in the face a year ago by a rattlesnake. Because I was home when it happened, and our vet is only 1/2 mile away, they were able to save her — with 5 days in the ER. She recovered fairly well, however is now going blind. She is only 6 years old. It is not cataracts or any other obvious problem that is easily diagnosed — and a brain MRI is the next step. Has anyone heard of blindness in a dog as a direct result of a rattlesnake bite? Thanks for your help.

  3. CCasper

    I just read the entire original story — my question is unfortunately answered. She was bit directly in the nasal passages and collapsed within 30 seconds.

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