Dachshund spends six days eight feet under

Despite the ordeal of being stuck in a badger hole for nearly a week, Lucy, the English sausage dog, is now fine. The local paper has all the details on her dramatic rescue:

Animal rescue specialist Anton Phillips used listening equipment and a snake eye camera to examine the network of tunnels but could find no sign of Lucy.

On the fifth day of their daily visits to the sett Mr West, 58, detected a faint whimper using a listening probe made with a plastic funnel and pipe.

“At first I though I was imaging it, but then I realised it was for real,” he said.

Here’s another photo of Lucy looking completely exhausted.

One thought on “Dachshund spends six days eight feet under

  1. Bludog

    And of course, the irony is not lost that the reporting newspaper is called the "Daily Echo." Thanks to Lucy's own echo, she was rescued.

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