6 thoughts on “Dachshund Solomon waits patiently for his treat

  1. cheyne923

    Seems like this “trick” is more about an owner’s need to control and and show it off.

    I don’t mind doing ‘leave it’ if a treat et al is in front of my dog–that has a purpose as in, don’t touch that, which can be applied to food I really don’t want him to get to for his or my own good.

    Rarely have I rested my dinner on his head, so I see no use for this trick except a power play.

  2. Moira

    hmmm. I think it must have been done with special effects. I don’t believe a Doxie could be that obedient, especially with cameras rolling.

  3. Cindy

    I put this in with the “offer then snatch away” camp – it’s just torture. Would you do this to a person? Then don’t do it to your dog.

  4. Chester Scotties

    I think we should all visit the owner, wait until she’s good and hungry then balance her food on her head and make her wait to eat. Freakin’ control freak. It’s just plain mean.

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