One thought on “Dachshund service dog raises suspicions

  1. on call 24/7

    Unfortunately people in todays society still for some reason do not comprehend that the ADA has been in effect for 18 years now. It’s not like this place of business did not know about this individual with her service dog as she came into that place several times before. But businesses are not being educated about these factours.

    Many people still when they stop me to talk about my service dog. (not to deny me access just questions they like to learn). I still get Oh I did not know that schools train other types of breeds. I only know of Labs, Goldens and Shepards. Many are because of the old out of date educational documents that comes on PBS at times.

    Another big issue is that there are so so many misinformed individuals and misconseptions about what a service animal is all about and what is the facts (ie laws). Such as people think they must have proof of ID or Certification papers for the animals to give an example. Many schools will tell their students if they are confronted show proof. Unfortunately when doing so is also giving a misconception to these businesses that they are allowed to inquire such documentations. So the next team going into the place will be denied access for not showing.

    We all need to make sure we educate these places about service animals that they are not one size or one breed fit all! Not to mention about the real facts and laws.

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