Dachshund saved after 3 days in 16-foot-deep hole

Sophia the wiener dog had been missing from her family’s Florida farm for three days when her owner Angela thought she heard a moan coming from underground.

She listened more closely. There it was again.

It seemed to be coming from a hole in the ground — one of several dug by gopher tortoises. Angela and her husband already had checked every hole they could find, but this time when Angela knelt and called Sophia’s name, she heard a bark.

Soon, Angela’s two sons-in-law, her husband and her neighbors were all digging. The tortoises’ hole, it turned out, was a labyrinth of tunnels.

“Should we call 911?” someone suggested.

Instead, Angela called Lake County Animal Services. Before long, assistant director Rene Segraves and one of her officers were helping her dig, too. Then a neighbor called a neighbor who had a Bobcat, a machine that could dig far faster than the humans.

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