9 thoughts on “Dachshund pops a lot of party balloons

  1. Anonymous

    I hate to be the safety patrol here but you’re not supposed to let small children play with balloons since there is a risk of them choking should said balloon pop while they are chewing on it. So why would any responsible dog owner allow their small dog to partake in such risky behavior?

  2. Anonymous

    The point is – when a small child or dog bites down on a balloon like the doxie in the video, there is a very high risk of that balloon forcefully flying down the dog/child’s throat, causing an extreme choking risk. Very unsafe, risky and not cute by any means.

  3. Anonymous

    At least anonymous only picks on family (she posts at everyone’s site). DogTwitterer, I appreciate you sharing the video with others. My dachshund from the video is not a balloon chewer and was closely supervised the entire time. Anonymous, I know you are sad and lonely but I only have one thing to offer..Want a balloon??? -LC

  4. Anonymous

    Well, this has turned ugly. You don’t even know me, the original poster – yet you’ve made a personal attack. I almost never post anything on any site but this is such a total disregard of safety, I felt compelled. Here’s an article on how balloons can kill children http://marshallbrain.com/cp/balloons.htm

    Do the math – dog’s mouth is open, balloon bursts, dog inhales balloon, dog dies.

    And as far as my being sad and lonely, how can that be? I own a dachshund! Give it a rest and keep the balloons away from your dog before you kill them.

  5. Anonymous

    Can dogs die from eating a popped balloon?

    To answer this question, yes, they *can*. However, they do not die from “choking” on the balloon. Dogs are not like children who often choke.

    To be honest, most balloons will pass through the system without incident. The dogs that do die after ingesting a balloon die because their owners dismiss symptoms of the dog having an obstruction to the gut (lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, mucas and or blood in the feces, lack of appetite).

    ADD: I would feed your dog a slice or two of bread to try to help the balloon pass.

    So for one to assume that safety standards that apply to children also apply to dachshunds is a trip up a slippery slope. Not all data is applicable to all situations.

  6. Anonymous

    I am glad that someone provided “anonymous” with the information that she was sorely lacking. While us dachshund owners may often think of them as our children, they are different in many aspects. Perhaps your concern would be better saved for all the animals that suffer serious abuse. Whether it is your family or not, someone trying to share a video of their dachshund having fun should not be subjected to your unsolicited and continued assessment of the possible hazards of allowing them to do so. My dachshund tries to eat everything in site when I take her out to go to the bathroom, would you like to berate me also?

  7. Anonymous

    Therefore ere the wisdom of anonymous, all of you out there that allow your small children to play with a balloon are child abusers. I’d say direct all hate mail to anonymous, but she/he is obviously too much of a coward to post it. Shame on you dachshund owners. No more fun!

  8. AnnB

    OK, chill out everyone.

    As a mother, I know that balloons are a choking hazard for children if the kids put them in their mouths. However, I’m not convinced of the physics behind this theory that children inhale popped balloons. Frankly, it sounds kind of junk science/ urban mythy to me although I will stand corrected on this if real evidence is raised.

    Now, let me a bit of a shit disturber and suggest an even better use for balloons.

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