Dachshund Playah*: Doxie knocks up Rottweiler

Ok, this news about a Dachshund who impregnated a Rottweiler is almost a year old, but the Daily Doxie figures if we’d never heard about it maybe you hadn’t either.

The British newspaper the Sun reported:

Jimmy really scaled the heights of passion to get giant mutt Helga pregnant.

Owners Alan and Louise Crowshaw had assumed a male rottweiler called Romeo was responsible but were stunned when Helga’s six pups looked just like 11-month-old Jimmy.

Meanwhile over at Oliver Willis’ blog — whose headline was so good* we just had to borrow it, a commenter notes that there’s a great line about such matings: “Someone must have put him up to it.”

And yet another of Willis’ commenters claims that his Dachshund once got a German Shepherd pregnant. Doesn’t sound like it’s the first time he’s boasted about his Macho sausage dog either.

Now, back to looking for Dachshund election campaign news.