Dachshund owner launches “worst dog” contest

After his wiener dog ate the living room carpet, Doug Speirs was inspired to reach out to others with ill-behaved dogs. In a recent column for the Winnipeg Free Press, he writes:

Well, bad dog owners, here’s your big chance. What I want you to do is sit down at your computers right now (“Sit! Sit! Good owner!”) and, in as concise a manner as possible, tell me all about your dog’s bad behaviour. Feel free to email a picture, too.

Just to be clear, what we are talking about here is amusing anecdotes wherein your beloved pet has driven you to the brink of insanity, as opposed to actual criminal canine behaviour or terrorist activity. For example:

RIGHT — “We laughed and laughed when our chihuahua Fang ate the TV remote control and we had to watch the Weather Network for two straight weeks until the cod liver oil finally did the trick.”

WRONG — “We are thinking about hiring a lawyer due to the fact our postman has not been the same ever since our Bernese mountain dog ate most of his internal organs.”

Doug doesn’t say anything about being a Winnipeg or Manitoba resident to qualify for his contest, but given the prizes on offer, he might not get too many entries from outside the Peg.

I will subject the entries to an intense judging process in which I will read all of them to the guys in our business section who sit in the cubicles behind me. Then I will select my THREE favourites — which I’ll publish in an upcoming column — and award the three winners tickets to a cool concert or show, along with copies of my colleague Randy Turner’s awesome new book Back in the Bigs, which details Winnipeg’s journey back to the NHL.

Good luck to all you hockey-loving bad dog peeps in Manitoba.

3 thoughts on “Dachshund owner launches “worst dog” contest

  1. Cory Suppa

    During Thanksgiving dinner, our mini dachsund barked at the door. so my son went to see who was there. While he was gone, the dog got up in his chair and started toward his plate! Of course, no one was at the door, the dog knew he could get to the plate by using this trick… Now my son sits at the other end of the table so he can see the door!!

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