Dachshund is kidnapped in car theft

Think twice before leaving your dog alone in the car or you could end up in the awful situation of this poor Minnesota man:

All Jimmy Wetch could do was watch as the thief sped off with his SUV, and all he can remember was staring into the rear window, into the eyes of his dog, who was still inside. “My dog was in the back window looking at me like, “What’s going on? Why are you over there? Where are they taking me?” Wetch recalled Monday.

The whereabouts of JR – who answers to “Junior” – a 5-year-old dachshund, were unknown Monday. “Somebody has to have my dog,” pleaded Wetch, owner of Jimmy’s Pro Billiard’s in Columbia Heights, where JR, clad in a “spiked collar to make him look macho,” is a regular.

It reminds the Daily Doxie of the prized show dog who died of heat prostration after thieves stole the car he was riding in.