Dachshund enjoys fireworks but is it safe?

Dumb Weiner Dog

Okay, I’ll confess my ignorance about fireworks means I really don’t know what’s going on here. Would these people really be laughing that hard if this weren’t safe?

And while we’re on the subject of pyrotechnics, here’s an article about an entrepreneur who named his fireworks company, Weener Works, after his dachshunds.

P.S. The Daily Doxie did not write that title. It came with the video.

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One thought on “Dachshund enjoys fireworks but is it safe?

  1. Mable

    I highly doubt it was a “safe” incident, but I think the laughter comes more from shock than anything. I’ve seen that video several times before and even though I still get that “watch out!” feeling for the doxie, I still crack up. It’s so ridiculous, so dachshund-like, to just grab a lit firework and start running… while pointing it at every living thing in the area! I sure hope everyone, including the doxie, were unharmed, though.

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