Dachshund eats in restaurants: More Maxi

As of today, the Daily Doxie is going to start tracking other reviews of Madison Avenue Maxi, a book whose main plotline is taking a Dachshund out to Manhattan’s trendiest restaurants.

The New York Post inexplicably includes the book on a recommended reading list:

The fun, breezy read shows the couple bringing Maxi out to New York’s hottest eateries (hard-to-get-into Rao’s, for example), and around the world. The pooch even sits on Ben’s lap in at a dentist’s office in Morocco, where the actor gets an emergency crown.

Wow, sits on owner’s lap while he gets a crown. Well, at least it’s a change of pace from a restaurant chair.

P.S. Maxi had to have her own babysitter on the nights she didn’t get to go out to eat and had to stay home.