5 thoughts on “A Dachshund earring controversy

  1. Copyright Lawyer

    That other site is called the Doxie Daily.

    And if they started a soda pop company, it would no doubt be Cola Coca.

    You should sue the bastards.

  2. Katherine

    I say the more the merrier, plus there are only so many clever blog names to pick from and you can’t beat alliteration.
    I have a blog about my doxies and doxie related pics, vids, and articles called dachshund domination, does that upset you too?
    I thought we were all on the same team.

  3. Anonymous

    actually, i don’t think it is a DAILY wiener dog news site. it seems to be more of a personal page since their is more then wiener dogs on it. i don’t know why you are so bent out of shape about it, you should get over it.

  4. Anonymous

    Who cares?
    This isn’t even a DAILY doxie site anymore anyways. More like a post everynow and then. Can we sue you for a misleading name? Damn.

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