Dachshund diet and excercise tips

It’s that time of year so it’s not surprising that the Daily Doxie is getting hits from readers looking for wiener dog weight loss programs. Because we always want to help and not much has changed from last year when it comes to trimming down, here are links to last January’s diet and exercise tips.

One thought on “Dachshund diet and excercise tips

  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, there are no diet and exercise tips here…only endless references to lists of interesting but fairly useless information. My mini gets–per advice from the vet–ONLY one quarter cup of dry food (Solid Gold mixed half regular kibble and half for less active dogs) in the morning and another 1/4 c. at night. Voila! Slim dog. In between, some raw carrots, green beans, etc. for snacking, and half a Solid Gold bagel every few days and sometimes more. 😉 Cute blog, though.

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