Dachshund best of breed winners at Crufts

Smooth-haired champ was Tealby Taken as Read. Best of Breed in the smooth wiener dog minis was Barisse High Frequency JW.

The long-haired Dachshund winner was Ch Bronia Pastiche owned by Mrs. F. Mitchell. The miniature long-haired champ was Ch Minard Krystal Darque.

Ch Silvae Pioneer took the crown for wire-haired Dachshunds while the title for best mini wire-haired sausage dog went to a Yank, Ch Friedox Falling for You MW.

For all the runners up, etc, check out the main Crufts results page.

We now have photos of all the winning Doxies
except for Tealby Taken as Read.

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  1. Anonymous

    Most of the people listed as owners on these dogs are, in fact, the judges who put the dogs up. The only owner correctly listed is F. Mitchell, who owns the BOB winning Long-hair.

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