Cuban Dachshunds work hard for a living

Lots of Dachshunds in Cuba by MoscowJase

Yes, there are Dachshunds in Cuba and, like everyone else, they’re wondering what the end of Fidel Castro’s rule will mean for the country. Will they be able to relax a bit more like the lucky wiener dog above? Or will they have to continue to work hard for a living?

The Daily Doxie imagines the two Doxies below — CocoPerro and PilloChocolate — would have something to say about the situation. As street performers in Havana, they were known for being very vocally anti-Bush. According to photographer don_elle, they – would start barking loudly every time the US president’s name was mentioned.

Cuba Dog Street Performers by don_elle

It would seem that in the Cuban economy, Dachshunds are frequently put to work. According to a contributor to Parade magazine’s Doxie photo album, “An aging Cuban revolutionary pays tribute to bygone era by dressing up his senior citizen dogs as guerrillas and walking them thru Havana’s tourist zones, extracting a little hard currency from anyone who wants to take a photograph. Note the wristwatches on their stubby legs and items on the female that were presumably anathema to the revolution in years past: nail polish and a flashy necklace. As I snapped the photo I think a detected the scent of aftershave lotion on the male and perfume on the female!”

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  2. Hunde Haus

    I will be traveling to Cuba early 2009,and was wondering if you knew of any companion animal rescues there that I could donate items and meds to?

    Thanks, and great blog!

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