Coyote attacks Florida Dachshund and owner

Not to mention that the wiener dog bit her poor owner too. The News-Press has the details:

If your small dog is attacked by a coyote, don’t crouch down and shield your pet, a state wildlife official said.

Debra Berry, of Estero, who did that Sunday night, was bitten on her lower leg by the coyote and on the nose by her pet dachshund she was trying to protect, according to a report by Lt. Gregory Stanley, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The last thing people should do is to get on the coyote’s level or lower to try and protect their pets, said Gary Morse, a spokesman for the state wildlife agency.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has the story of an Arizona Yorkie who was brutally killed by a coyote right in front of its owners — not to mention a whole lot of other sad Yorkie stories. According to the Scottie News, there may even be a Yorkshire Terrier curse.