Couple keeps 11 dachshunds including fosters

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports:

(Kathy) Lackey and her husband John have adopted dozens of pups, and continue to take dogs from the SPCA that would otherwise be put down due to overcrowding.

“With the foreclosures, my SPCA is jammed; I don’t know where to put them all,” SPCA Executive Director Lisa Carter said. “With this economy, we’re all in the same boat and it’s not a nice boat.”

For as long as the Lackeys have had their business, Lackey’s Woodworks, they have had at least two dachshunds on their Branciforte Avenue property. Despite being hit hard by the poor economy and being forced to fire employees that had worked for them for 20 years, the couple is up to 11 dogs as of this week, most of which they are fostering.