Connecticut Dachshund killed by Rottweiler

WFSB Eyewitness News reports:

Karen Spiegel said she and her grandchildren were walking her two dogs in Waterbury’s Fulton Park.She said she saw two women let the rottweiler out of the car. She said the dog first ran to a tree, but then turned around and ran straight toward them and attacked her 6-year-old dachshund, Titus.

“I’ve got my other dog here, trying to reel this one in, and the next think I know, he has him in his mouth,” Spiegel said.

She said the two women attempted to grab the dog and hit it in the head to stop it. She said that for a second, the rottweiler let go, but went after her when she picked Titus up.

When it was over, Spiegel said that Titus was dead and that the two women and the rottweiler disappeared. She said the only thing that was left was the rottweiler’s collar.

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