Comments are back at the Dachshund News

The Dachshund News was feeling really bad that no one was commenting on the site, until we went in for some site maintenance and realized that the comments had been turned off.

Actually, now we feel worse because you probably wanted to comment and couldn’t so please go ahead and tell us what you really think. Start with the Doggy Doo wiener dog toy.

2 thoughts on “Comments are back at the Dachshund News

  1. joolzgirl

    Not sure what happened when you did the site maintenance but think something may have gone slightly awry… first post when you click onto the homepage is from 2009???

  2. AnnB Post author

    Yeah, I have to fix that.

    I like to put old posts on the main page from time to time, but I have to find a way to let readers know it’s intentional. I have to find a way to call it “From the Archives” or some such thing.

    Thanks for commenting.

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