Column indicting pet stores up for dog writing prize

Every year, during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York, the Dog Writers Association announces the winners of its annual writing competition. For 2007, one of the nominees in the news and features category is Matthew Margolis for his “Pet Stores and Puppy Mills” column. He asks:

Just what is the role of pet stores in the puppy mill biz?

They are the heart, they are the lungs, they are the easiest, most lucrative avenue to you, the dog-loving consumer.

And you — your dollars — are the blood, the oxygen, the water, the food — the essential components to keeping the whole despicable machine alive.

The artcle also covers the scandal of the store, Pets of Bel Air, known for selling dogs to a number of Hollywood stars. Writes Margolis:

Feel free to visit the Pets of Bel Air website. Or, for an entirely different perspective, visit (the Humane Society of the United States). Click Pet Related News and Events. Then, for a real shocker, watch the undercover video clip for the segment entitled “Cruelty Caught in Hollywood Glare.” It’ll make you think twice about buying animals from pet stores.