Colorado thieves steal Doxie puppies from shelter, private home

Boulder police arrested three people last night for allegedly taking Ferris the Dachshund puppy from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, authorities say.

Meanwhile in Denver, a woman’s wiener dog puppies were stolen as she slept, reports KDVR:

It sounds like Dachshunds are in high demand. A local woman says someone broke into her house — and stole two Dachshund puppies — while she was asleep!

“Studley Do Right” and another puppy named “Denzel” disappeared from the house Saturday night.

The woman has puppies that she sells, and she is anxious to see these puppies returned to her.

Hmmm, how to put this delicately? Studley Do Right is not a suitable name for a dog let alone a puppy. Could these puppies have been stolen from a sketchy kennel type operation in an act of revenge? Visit the owner’s website and find out more.