Christmas Gifts: Dog crates that look good

Are unsightly dog crates marring your otherwise well-designed rooms? Now, thanks to Crate Covers and More, you can banish ugly crates by ordering a cover that suits you, your surroundings and your dog.

Max the Scottie Dog is seen here modelling a traditional, masculine plaid, a pattern which would also work well for a wire haired Dachshshund.

If you’re into mixing patterns and dogs, try some contrast. It’s clear from his relaxed posture that calming paisleyish earth tones draped in a graceful feminine manner also work well for Max. And just imagine how smoothly this cover would blend with a long-haired rusty Doxie.

One thought on “Christmas Gifts: Dog crates that look good

  1. Lisa

    I upholstered my two armchairs in this earth tone paisley fabric about 5 years ago. My dog loves sleeping on them, but she’s way too big to fit comfortably and looks so sloppy hanging off from one end to the other. Could I borrow your dog to show her how it should be done?

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