Chiweenie: Best of the Dachshund and Chihuahua

Chiweenie: a Dachshund crossed with a ChihuahuaSprinkles the Chiweenie, originally uploaded by B-$tring.

I like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas not so much. (The reasons for my lack of fondness, should you care to hear them, can be found here, and are largely to do with lack of house training.)

Despite my negative feelings toward Chihuahuas, I am, however, most intrigued by the Chiweenie. Crossing a Chihuahua with a wiener dog seems to bring out the best of both breeds. The resulting hybrid or designer dog is far tougher and way more adventurous than your typical Chihuahua and much less prone to back problems than the average Dachshund. (And really apart from that, what other real problems do Doxies have?)

Last Christmas, my Scottish Terrier boarded with a Vet’s assistant and her Chiweenie, a real alpha boy who had everyone whipped into shape. You wouldn’t want to tangle with him. and just like his boarder, he happily went outside in the middle of winter.

Looks wise, he appeared more like a bad example of a Dachshund than anything else, but the fact that he was less long of body and had longer legs seemed to really work in his favour. He reminded me of a scrappy street fighter.

I’m not surprised to see Chiweeenies becoming more popular, and as long as they and other crosses are bred by someone reputable and not a puppy miller, I don’t have any problem with designer dogs. If anyone objects, just show them to Super Chiweenie. No one’s going to put him in a handbag!

Update: This Chiweenie video isn’t great quality but it gives you an idea how feisty this little dogs can be.

6 thoughts on “Chiweenie: Best of the Dachshund and Chihuahua

  1. B-$tring

    I was very happy and surprised to see my chiweenie Sprinkles on your blog. I have never liked chihuahuas either, but the dachshund genes certainly seem to be dominant in most chiweenies i see online. I wish i could clone my dog, he is a little hero.

  2. Anonymous

    Breed All About it On Animal Planet did a whole segment on chiweenies. Some examples looked almost like pure dachshunds, others looked mostly chihuahua, some really looked half 'n' half…Weird how the phenotypes sort themselves out. Personally, I think the dachshund-beagle cross is the greatest mix of them all.

  3. mckenna

    i have a cute little chiwenie named cinnimon at first i thought it was her and then i looked at the sweater it’s close to one of hers but not the same

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  5. Scott

    I have two chiwennies andnever new what I had I just new I loved them to death they are my pride and joy one is puggy wudgy and one is fiesty princess

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