Chihuahua beats out Dachshund as LA’s top dog

Johnny Ortez, the LA Examiner’s androgynous, dachshund toting pet blogger speculates on how the wiener lost its small dog crown to the Chihuahua:

I think many subscribers already know which breed I prefer, but let’s see if we can discover why the Chihuahua is running circles around the Dachshund in the city of Angeles. For starters, the Chihuahua is everywhere. It has been the mascot for the Taco Bell brand in years past complete with toys for sale; it has its own movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which was released last October; and with the aid of long-time fans like Paris Hilton, the Chihuahua quickly became the “hot” dog for many young to thirty something women in the city.

Most of all I believe it is the Chihuahua’s light weight, portability and affordability that makes it a great appeal to many Angelenos. Besides wasn’t it Madonna who first carried a Chihuahua on the red carpet many years ago, only to be followed by Britney. The point, the Chihuahua has its fans among the celebrities, many of whom call LA home at least part of the time, which naturally translates to ordinary people following the trends their favorite stars set. I do not recall seeing any dachshunds on the red carpet as of late.

Probably a good thing given that Britney and Madonna are both known to be dog dumpers.

Here’s the money shot of LA’s favourite dog along with a Doxie and a Yorkshire Terrier too. It’s nice to see a Yorkie who appears to have escaped the notorious Yorkshire Terrier curse.

Cuddle Pups, originally uploaded by Alt-Ctrl-Tom.

Oh, and if you’re looking for information about Chiweenies, the Dachshund and Chihuahua cross that’s becoming quite popular, click here.

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