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NY State Dachshund claims oldest dog title

The Times Beacon Record reports that a 20-year-old wire haired Dachshund will be named the world’s oldest living dog in the new edition of the Guiness World Book of Records. Her owner says the secret to Chanel’s longetivity is that she’s an army brat.

Keeping a pet on a military base requires that dogs be properly cared for. The Army is “meticulous about it,” Shaughnessy said, since with other pets around any maladies would quickly spread. “Shots every year” and veterinary checkups were standard operating procedure. Besides, Shaughnessy said, “These are our kids.”

Is a Dachshund the world’s oldest dog?

Update 2009: Read about the late Chanel, the Dachshund awarded the title of world’s oldest dog by the Guinness World Records. Sadly, she died the same year she was awarded the contested title.


The Daily Doxie has recently had a number of hits from people looking for information on the life expectancy of a dachshund. So here is the answer: 12 to 15 years. But take heart, we have a number of readers whose wiener dogs have reached 17 and 18 years of age.

Thanks to the internet we also discovered, during the course of our research, a website entitled “Wiley, the 31-year-old Dachshund.”

Apparently, Wiley’s owners have taken some steps to try and get him into the Guinness World Book of Records, where the title of oldest living dog is held by 20-somethings, but no luck. It seems he might have outlived his breeder, who is needed to vouch for his puported longevity.

Without the required papers, Wiley’s not getting much respect for his claim to the aged dog throne. The Waco Tribune declined to print the news of his 30th birthday leaving him to keep on keeping on via the internet where his last blog post, written September 23, is entitled, “I’m alive.”

Update: Maybe Lone Star state newspapers deal with this kind of stuff regularly. Here’s another Texan claiming to have the world’s oldest dog.

Update2: Read more Daily Doxie reports on older Dachshunds.