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Knit your own Dachshund

Let’s be honest. Knitting does not happen a lot here at the world editorial headquarters of the Dachshund News so we were a bit surprised, to say the least, at how many of our readers bought this book: Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches. When we looked inside, however, we immediately saw the appeal. The dogs are fantastic including the Afghan Hound, the Scottish Terrier, and needless to say the Dachshund.

Knit your own Dachshund

Knit yourself a wiener dog just like this one

Doggie Doo Dachshund toy seen as holiday bestseller

Back last month, Britain’s toy retailers association named the Doggie Doo Dachshund one of its Dream Dozen toys for the holidays. Lucky for us, here on the other side of the pond, Doggie Doo hasn’t had that much publicity in North America so it’s still available for us to scoop up.

This is one of those occasions where a video’s worth 1,000 words and two videos are worth 1,ooo-squared so let’s hit it:

Find Dachshunds and their doppelgangers

Our sister site, the Scottish Terrier News, has been having a lot of success finding Scotties who look like famous people.

So, here’s the Dachshund challenge: Can you pair up a wiener dog with his or her celebrity doppelganger like we did long ago with Grace Kelly?

Send your Dachshund and their doppelgangers to the Dachshund News

Send your Dachshunds and their doppelgangers to the Dachshund News

You can email us at And, please, anything you’re going to say about the address, we already know.

Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed

Dachshund book ‘Flawed Dogs’ will be made into movie

Flawed Dogs by Berkeley BreathedDreamWorks Animation has bought the rights to prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed’s book, Flawed Dogs, and plans on making it into a movie that should hit screens some time in 2014.

Flawed Dogs is the story of Sam, a Dachshund victimized by a jealous, needy show dog, who joins Sam’s family, plots against him and has him sent away. Sam must survive on the streets and find a way to get back home, which ends up involving the Westminster Dog Show ( where BTW a wiener dog has never won.)

Berkeley Breathed, best known for the cartoon strip Bloom County, wrote this book to help promote dog adoption. “All my stories are sparked by a nugget of truth hiding in plain sight,” Breathed says. “In this case, it’s that all animals dream… But only dogs dream of us.”

Here’s some insight on the inspiration for Flawed Dogs :

Read the Dachshund News’ past Oscar coverage

In honour of tonight’s Academy Awards, browse the Dachshund News’ Oscar archives where you will find both great video performances by wiener dogs and Doxies with their movie star owners including Joan Crawford.

The caption reads: “The Tone family consists of Joan, Franchot and three dachshunds. In this picture Joan has Baby, her dog, and Franchot has Bübchen, one of his own. Franchot’s other, Schmeltzy, got away.”

Dachshund and owner win lookalike contest

Dachshund and owner lookalikes

A friend of pet lover Nicky Walton, a farm assistant in Gloucestershire, entered a photo of her and her three-year-old Dachshund, Tyler, in a national pet lookalike competition in England. “The resemblance is remarkable, as they have the same flowing auburn hair and deep brown eyes,” reads the description.

Nicky said: “I’ve had Tyler since he was a puppy and he follows me around wherever I go. He’s certainly top dog at home and always has to sit on my lap at night. He’s very loving and loyal, and has me wrapped around his paw!”

Not necessarily a competition I’d want to win but congratulations Nicky and Tyler. You’re both hotties.