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Tales of rescue Dachshunds for people who want to get one or just have a good cry.

10-year-old Oregon Dachshund abandoned in park

The Curry Coastal Pilot has the full story on the wiener dog and his canine companion who were found in Brookings, Oregon:

Brookings Police were called when a Fred Meyer store employee found a note in the elevator Monday morning. The note asked the finder to rescue her two dogs from Azalea Park.

At about the same time, Brookings Police responded to a report of dogs barking at the park, where they found a Dachshund and a Red Heeler mix tied to a bench with another note indicating that the owner had lost her job and her husband wouldn’t pay to feed them any more.

The dogs, which shelter volunteers have named Guy and Sandy, are 10 or 11 years old, and both are housebroken and healthy except for ear infections, Powers said.

While it is not clear what will happen to Guy and his friend, if you are looking for a rescue wiener dog in Oregon, try Oregon Dachshund Rescue.

Rolling Dog Ranch Founders get ASPCA award

Today at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan, the 2009 ASPCA Humane Awards were presented. The Henry Bergh Award went to the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, which has been featured before here at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News:

Steve Smith and Alayne Marker founded the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Ovando, Montana, in December 2000. The couple left their corporate jobs in Seattle and relocated to Montana fulltime to devote themselves to animal rescue. Their mission was to turn 160 acres of open grassland and cottonwoods into a sanctuary for animals with special needs — those pets who are least likely to be adopted and most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters. The animal sanctuary is now home to approximately 70 animals, nearly two-thirds of whom are blind.

Here’s another video of Callie the blind wiener dog.

And, since we don’t want to be dog-ist, we should also mention that Nora the piano playing cat won “Cat of the Year.”

Congratulations everyone. You all deserve it.

Despite car crash, Dachshund goes on to race

South Dakota TV reports:

Driving southbound on I-29 Saturday morning in the fog, a girl from Dell Rapids attempted to make a u-turn in the median while having no headlights on and without using blinkers. She was in the right lane and switched into the left lane without using blinkers and attempted to make her turn. Approaching at highway speed was Jennifer and Chris Plott along with their 2 dachshunds and volunteers with Dakota Dachshund Rescue who were on their way to GermanFest to help raise money for the Rescue and race their dogs.

Thank goodness no one was too seriously hurt. As for the idiot driving the other car, you just have to wonder.

Facebook aids in rescue of older Dachshund

Linda Mayberry of Dachshund Rescue of North America writes about the difficulties of rehoming an elderly gentleman wiener dog:

Anytime Bodo was at an event, folks were surprised to find out his age. And the response to hearing Bodo was fifteen: He’s old! He doesn’t look 15! Plus he weighs twenty-two pounds. Although he would be considered small compared to a Labrador, he is big when he is with most other dachshunds. People love to fuss over the young, really cute, and easy to scoop up with one hand dachshunds. And while the rambunctious young ones were bouncing around, there he was calmly sitting and looking around. Then he would get a pat or two on the head with parting words such as I hope you find a home soon.

Read the whole story of how Bodo finally found his forever home.

Are three wiener dogs too many?

There must be a strange lunar alignment or something because over the past 24 hours, I’ve gotten two separate e-mails looking for homes for wiener dogs.
One from a friend who’s mother-in-law is moving and can’t take her 2-year-old with her, and the other from Patrick’s (my youngest son) breeder looking for a home for a 10-week-old chocolate and tan (pictured below).
I can’t stand the thought of these babies going to the pound. My love of Doxies is telling me to give one of them a home, but are three wieners too much? We live in a pretty small townhouse.
If you have any insight on a three-doxie-household or if you know of any one that wants to welcome one of these dogs into their homes, please let me know.

Once abused, Dachshund mix now helps kids read

The GazetteXtra in Janesville, Wisconsin reports:

The dachshund mix was just a pup when she went flying through the air, thrown from a car, with the rest of her siblings.

Only Tabby survived.

That’s the story Helen Burton was told when she got Tabby from K9 Lifeline Rescue about three years ago.

Despite the violence, Tabby always has been a mellow dog, Burton said. That’s why she makes an ideal helper at Janesville’s Jackson Elementary School.

Tabby—her formal name is Tabitha—is a reading dog. She sits patiently as children read to her, and she’s become a school-wide celebrity since she began her work in the fourth quarter of this school year.

Read the whole story.

Dachshunds rescued from inhumane conditions

As a result of a rescue, 13 Texas winer dogs, who have been badly abused will need new homes. KVUE News has the full story plus video.

The critters are getting care and attention at the Humane Society of Williamson County, which is working to address their medical needs, spay and neuter the dogs and feed them adequately before making them available for adoption. Most of the dogs should be ready to go to new homes within the week.

“It’s an empowering feeling for us to know that we’ll be able to help all these animals,” Albrecht said.

Deputies are investigating the dogs’ former owner. Evidence on the dogs shows they may have been overbred.

Here’s another sad story on Dachshund abuse in Texas.

And because we all love a happy ending, here’s the story of a Mississippi Doxie who found his forever home.