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Benefits and Different Types of Dog Beds

By Guest Writer

For obvious reasons, it is not always ideal to have your dog in your bed or on the couch. Moreover, being part of the family, it is only fair to get your dog its own bed. By doing so, you will be able to make your dog feel loved as well as provide him or her with space they can regard as their own. With the different varieties of dog beds available, the task of getting the most suitable bed for your furry friend can prove quite challenging. But why is giving your dog a bed such an important thing?

The Benefits

There are several benefits to giving your dog a nice place to lay his head. For the general health of a dog, a nice, well-cushioned bed is essential. A good dog bed entitles your canine friend to some private space, which creates a feeling of belonging, and, more so, one of security.

Floors can be hard, uncomfortable and very cold surfaces. Dog lovers are discouraged from subjecting their dogs to such conditions, as they are detrimental to the dog’s health. Cushioned dog beds will help in regulating the temperature of your dog by shielding him or her from the cold floor. Cushioned beds are also encouraged for older dogs, dogs suffering from arthritis as well as crossbreeds, which are generally more susceptible to joint problems.

With a dog bed, you do not have to worry about finding irritating dog hair, dander and dirt on your favourite couch as well as other pieces of furniture.

Different Types of Beds

There are different types of dog beds. The type of bed you choose for your pet largely depends on the personality as well as habits of your dog. In broad terms though, you will need to pick a bed that is large and comfortable enough for your dog. Outlined below are the different types of beds.

Standard Beds

Standard dog bed

Standard bed

These beds assume the look of cushions and do not have edges. They come in many different sizes, shapes and styles. Majority of the beds are covered with microfiber, faux suede or denim.

Nest Beds

Dog nest bed

Nest bed

These beds are much like the standard beds but with raised edges. All edges or only a part of the bed may be raised to. create the look of a nest. They are particularly ideal for dogs that like to lean and curl up.

Donut Beds

Donut dog bed

Donut bed

Dogs that love to get cosy and curl up love these beds. They look like nest beds but with softer edges. When your pet sleeps on one, it “sinks in” making it very comfortable.

Kennel Beds
These are made with the kennel in mind. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are more efficient than huge blankets. Some manufactures make them water-resistant or easy to clean hence making them very convenient.

kennel dog bed

Kennel bed

Other types of beds include:

Orthopaedic beds – Suitable for dogs with orthopaedic or arthritis problems.

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