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Tribute to an older Dachshund

As the editorial staff of the Doxie News was seeking out stories to bring you, we came across this tale of Felix, an older Dachshund, passed from father to daughter.

In a way, I think that’s why we bonded, Felix and I. We had something truly unique in common: We’d both survived the Victor Ozaist style of child rearing – tossed into the ocean, with absolutely no warning. (That’s how I learned to swim, too, and how both Felix and I ended up absolutely terrified of water as “kids.”)

Halfway through his puppyhood, my father whisked Felix across the country with him. When I went to visit them in Arizona around Christmastime, Felix came flying down the dusty, ochre-colored road toward me with a look on his face of “Get me the hell out of here!”

Happily, and as is often not the case with Tributes at the Dachshund News, Felix is still alive and living out his golden years in Brooklyn close to Prospect Park.

Dachshund triumphs over adversity

Dachshund triumphs over adversity

A tribute to Jackson, a true survivor

Nine-year-old Jackson the Dachshund is clearly loved by his family, who wrote up his story for London’s Daily Telegraph:

I have walked my dogs in Richmond Park for almost 40 years and, on one hot summer day, we took our usual favourite stroll. Suddenly I heard Jackson scream behind me and in horror turned to see a huge female deer attacking him. My darling dog was on the ground, not moving, whimpering as the deer reared up on hind legs ready to land on him with two hooves.

She towered above me but I screamed, waving my arms trying to stop another attack. There was no one near to help.

I dashed forward, scooped him up and ran with him, blood pouring, towards the car park. I could not believe it when I heard, behind my shoulder, this deer following me, forcing me to pick up a stick and run backwards shouting to keep her at bay.

A poet’s eulogy for his beloved Dachshund

Pierre Gazarian writes:

I had this idea: Let me get a small and mature dog, seven to 10 pounds, so I can travel in good company and not be alone in wild places like Tierra del Fuego or Paris, France. I couldn’t take my dog Nina to Paris; too big to be allowed on the plane in the cabin with me. Plus Nina hates motorcycles of any kind and size, and Paris is where you’ll find them, sputtering and coughing all day long.

I called my friend and dachshund breeder for 55 years, Robin Gianopoulos, in Stony Brook. “I’ve got the dog for you,” she said. “A show dog I’m retiring, Ida Mae.” That’s how a love affair began.

RIP, Ida Mae.

Remembering Willy, a beloved family Dachshund

Arleen Spenceley writes about saying gooodbye to 16-year-old Willy the wiener dog in the St. Petersburg Times:

“Remember when we caught him on the dining room table?”

Or how he jumped off the table — with the bagel — before we could grab him.

The times we found him sleeping in my mom’s dresser, or in bed with his head on her pillow. Burrowed in baskets beneath laundry, or stuck under the couch (that one wasn’t funny).

We laughed about how he would sing with us when we sang Happy Birthday. How he “forgot how to walk” as soon as you slipped a sweater on him.

Two Dachshunds from birth to old age to death

The slide show format crops some of the pictures so if you want to see the entire photo, go to Webshots.

DACHSHUNDS – BIRTH TO OLD AGE – Our latest portraits added.

Note: Chico died 10 Dec 2007. His owner comments at Webshots: “His heart gave out and his eyesight was about gone. We will miss him. He’s been a lovely little man.”

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