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Provincetown named dog friendliest town in U.S.

The 6th annual DogTown USA contest has named Cape Cod’s Provincetown the best place in the country to be a dog.

So what makes P-town, with just 2,997 human and 551 canine inhabitants, a winner? Is it the drinking fountain about to be installed in from of town hall? Or the water bowls and dog biscuits offered up by just about every local business? Or is it the fact you can bring your pet on a sunset cruise, go whale watching, or take Fido on the para-sailing boat? The answer of course is all of the above.

The Daily Doxie wonders if these three wiener dogs, who look like tourists, were para-sailers or sunset cruisers.

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA by Lorianne DiSabato on Flickr

Airlines guarantees passage for dogs in this carrier

U.S. Airlines, including American, Delta and Southwest have gotten together with Sherpa Pet Group to create a carrier that will fit under the seats of all their planes. Dogs in these carriers are guaranteed passage or you get your money back.

It’s not first class, but the Daily Doxie thinks it’s probably better than the last row up against the bathrooms.

Take your wiener dog to work Friday

The Age of Melbourne, Australia reports on dog-friendly companies down under:

“BUTCH, come here!” pyjama king Peter Alexander says to his mutt. The half-dachshund, half-something-else scuttles across the hot pink carpet and jumps on his lap.

Meanwhile, pure-bred dachshund Betty roams the open-plan office, which resembles a Barbie-doll house.

No one seems to mind, and not just because she’s the boss’ dog. Alexander’s employees are encouraged to bring their pooches to work.

See the Daily Doxie‘s previous report on Peter Alexander who’s just opened stores in the US.

Times of London names top 10 dog movies ever

1. Old Yeller, 1957. “Be warned – it’s a weepy.”
2. Best in Show, 2000. “Hilarious mockumentary.”
3. Lassie Come Home, 1943. With a young Elizabeth Taylor.
4. Rin Tin Tin, 1954. Best of 48 Rin Tin Tin flicks.
5. Legally Blonde 2, 2003.
6. The Wizard of Oz, 1939. “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”
7. Rescued by Rover, 1905. “Shot on a budget of £7 13s 6d, it marked a key stage in the development of narrative editing.”
8. Cujo, 1983. “It all ends nastily for Cujo with a baseball bat.”
9. Cats & Dogs, 2001. “Dogs are the heroes, cats are the villains. Could it be any other way?”
10. Beethoven, 1992.

Read the whole thing for all the details.