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Wiener dog models Halloween costumes

This Dachshund’s stylists write:

We dressed our dog Irvington up in various costumes we got during the Halloween season. As you can tell he REALLY doesn’t like it. We reward him with treats though so he can handle it.

Normally he’s quite hyper and obnoxious but when he’s wearing a costume he shuts up and doesn’t want to move unless he has to.

Go ahead, judge Irvington’s peeps if you want to. The comments are always open.

Dachshunds figure in winter sports controversy

Last week the Dachshund News brought you the story of opposition to wiener dog ice racing. This week it’s another dangerous winter sport involving Dachshunds.

We’ve left a note asking the director of this video to check in and explain the special effects.

While we wait, consider this. Apparently, the wiener dog ice races were a big success and raised $5000 for the Ryan Newman Foundation, which encourages people to spay/neuter their pets and to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters.