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Everything you need to know about Dachshund puppies from their cost to their training. Lots of Dachshund puppy photos and videos for maximum cuteness.

Daily Dachshund photo caption contest

Kittie and puppies playing together

Kittie and puppies playing together by AceNZ, on Flickr

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Here are Kami the Dachshund and Kittie all grown up:

The videographer writes:

Kittie (a male Bengal), grooming his friend Kami (a female miniature longhair Dachshund). There’s very little audio, but you can hear Kittie purring very briefly near the end.

They have grown up together, and are only about a month apart in age — they’re both about 3 yrs old in this video (full-grown). Kittie is a little bigger than Kami.

This is actually one of Kami’s favorite things to do; you can see how excited she was to rush into the room.

Golfer Jason Day tours with his Dachshund puppies

Australian PGA player Jason Day doesn’t leave his miniature Dachshund pups, Lola and Charlie, at home when he’s on the road. Nor does he have an entourage to take care of them in a private jet. According to BigPond Sport, “Day and wife Ellie were stuck in the back row of a cramped 57-seat regional jet, their two dachshunds travelling as carry-on in bags under the seat.”

Nor was that the end of the travel problems Day experienced at the PGA Golf Championship at Whistling Straits. Saturday morning, while getting ready to head off to the course, Tiger Woods showed up on the TV, warming up on the range.

Day knew he was on the same score as Woods, which meant he would be teeing off about the same time.

Understandably, he panicked.

“We weren’t thinking,” he admitted. “I was in bed watching the golf and all of a sudden I see Tiger.

“I was crapping myself. Ellie was crapping herself even more.”

A few minutes later, Day was giving his Mercedes tournament courtesy car a good workout and in the end made his tee time easily, arriving at the course with 45 minutes to spare.

After shooting a bogey-free 66 to pull within four strokes of the lead, Day was more concerned with his two Dachshunds, Lola and Charlie.

“I’ve left the puppies there for at least eight hours by themselves,” he said. “I’m sure there’s going to be a big smell and some stains.”

Texas wiener dog adopts four kittens

The Graham Leader in Texas has the story of Jackie-O, a mother Dachshund who who has been nursing four stray kittens along with two puppies of her own for the past month. Growing up in a blended interspecies family has the kittens thinking they’re dogs and the puppies using the litter box, but everybody gets a long just fine, according to the article.

Here’s some of the background:

The kittens were found in a warehouse at Swan right after a severe storm. (Kim Baxter of the Young County Humane Society Shelter) said the storm likely scared the mother cat away. “They were in fairly good condition,” she said. “You could tell they had been nursing.”
Since the kittens were too young to live on their own, Baxter could either set up around-the-clock feedings, giving them milk every two hours, or she could find a new mother to adopt them.
There was only one problem. The only new mother in the shelter was a dachshund. Baxter said she has heard reports of dogs taking in kittens and feeding them, so she decided to give it a try.
She put one cat in the cage with the mother dog and her two 4-day-old puppies and was surprised to see the dog immediately take to the kitten. She slowly put in the other three.
“She took them right away and started cleaning them,” Baxter said.

Given their background, Baxter wants the kittens to go to homes with dogs. Way to go, Jackie-O. The Daily Doxie wishes we knew a little more about you.

Read on of the most popular stories we’vve ever featured, the tale of Tink the mother Dachshund who adopted little Pink the piglet.

Colorado thieves steal Doxie puppies from shelter, private home

Boulder police arrested three people last night for allegedly taking Ferris the Dachshund puppy from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, authorities say.

Meanwhile in Denver, a woman’s wiener dog puppies were stolen as she slept, reports KDVR:

It sounds like Dachshunds are in high demand. A local woman says someone broke into her house — and stole two Dachshund puppies — while she was asleep!

“Studley Do Right” and another puppy named “Denzel” disappeared from the house Saturday night.

The woman has puppies that she sells, and she is anxious to see these puppies returned to her.

Hmmm, how to put this delicately? Studley Do Right is not a suitable name for a dog let alone a puppy. Could these puppies have been stolen from a sketchy kennel type operation in an act of revenge? Visit the owner’s website and find out more.