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The NY Times reports on dogs and gardening

So much for the myth that it’s only female dogs’ urine that is a problem:

“Bud is a dachshund-Yorkie mix,” Ms. Kocher said. “We call him a dorkie.”

It is Bud that has taken up the steady task of murdering the boxwoods. Ms. Kocher planted a few of the evergreen shrubs last year, with the notion that their foliage would brighten the yard in winter.

Yet, under a steady stream of Bud’s attention (to use a polite term), the leaves have browned and wilted.

“They’re doing what dogs like to do,” Ms. Kocher said. “You can’t get angry with them. You just have to kind of work around them.”

The nitrogen in dog urine would seem to be a helpful fertilizer. In fact, the concentration of ammonium is often toxic to plants. “If you get one of these trees that every dog has to pee on, they can actually burn the bark,” said Nina Bassuk, program leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University.

Maine Dachshund demos pet oxygen mask

In Maine, the Portland Fire Department, the Portland Downtown District and Planet Dog Foundation have just kicked off a $3,000 fundraising effort to equip fire trucks with pet oxygen masks.

The Associated Press reports:

The masks, which cost $40 apiece, are designed to fit dogs and cats, and come in a variety of sizes. Officials say the goal is to have all sizes on each fire truck in Maine’s largest city.

Chief Fred LaMontagne ) says the first priority of firefighters is protecting people. But he says pets are important, too. He says that often the first words out of homeowners’ mouths during a fire are pleas to help save their beloved pet.

City Councilor Dave Marshall and Mocha, his long-haired mini-dachshund, attended a news conference Monday to demonstrate the masks.

The Daily Doxie is trying to hunt up some TV coverage of this event so we can see Mocha’s moment in a mask.

Update: Thanks to Koachie, we now have the video:

Two Florida Dachshunds have trust funds

The News-Press has a good report on why pet trusts are important:

A professionally drafted pet trust is vital to responsible pet ownership for several reasons: First, it ensures the well-being of your pet. Second, it reduces the burden orphaned pets put on organizations like the humane society, which ends up taking responsibility for them. Third, a trust is more secure than a clause in your will, which is an ambulatory document that can be changed, both Meek and Reed explained.

Oldest dog fight casts doubt on Guinness World Records’ authority and accuracy

How hard can it be to find the world’s oldest dog and why do the Guinness World Records people seem to have botched it so badly when they awarded the longevity title to Chanel?

Now, there’s a German woman claiming to own a 25-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog and Eric Shackle, who shared his scoop on elderly with the Daily Doxie earlier this year, is currently casting the net even wider and telling his story to USA Today.

Meanwhile Paco Sosa, a Manhattan wiener dog who turned 20 0n September 5th, is claiming the title of oldest Dachshund in the Big Apple.

Paco exercises regularly and eats organic poultry, fish and fruit; and in good
weather he can be seen in Central Park with his human companion, filmmaker and
venture capitalist Bernadine Santistevan. But Paco’s healthy regimen isn’t
the only factor in his longevity, according to Dr. Talia Goldberg of Park East
Animal Hospital, where Paco has been treated since 1990.

“A lot of it has to do with the care that Bernadine provides him.
Acupuncture, physical therapy, Eastern therapy — she goes well beyond for
him.” Thanks in large part to this comprehensive wellness program and to
Bernadine being “in tune” with her dog, “Paco is still with us and in pretty
good condition,” said the New York veterinarian.

Oh, what money can buy along with some birthday publicity.