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Thanks to their unique body structure, Dachshunds dress up real nice. Whether it’s an understated winter jacket, a simple sweater or an elaborate Halloween costume, wiener dogs know how to rock it.

Wiener dog models Halloween costumes

This Dachshund’s stylists write:

We dressed our dog Irvington up in various costumes we got during the Halloween season. As you can tell he REALLY doesn’t like it. We reward him with treats though so he can handle it.

Normally he’s quite hyper and obnoxious but when he’s wearing a costume he shuts up and doesn’t want to move unless he has to.

Go ahead, judge Irvington’s peeps if you want to. The comments are always open.

Dachshund has one of the 25 best costumes at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York

The lobster dog in a pot

Dachshund dressed as moose for Halloween

Sorry but we preferred the lobster dog to the Dachshund moose.

As a terrible Halloween person, who only twice in her life has ever put together a decent costume, I am totally in awe of these dogs and their wonderfully original and creative outfits.

Browse the Daily Dachshund‘s Halloween archives for more costume inspiration for wiener dogs.

Some history of the Krakow Dachshund parade

Cracow Dachshund Parade 2010

At the 2010 Krakow Dachshund Parade

Sky News reports:

Dogs or Dachshunds come from all corners of the country to participate in the parade which first took place in 1973.

The annual parade was then not taken well by Communist authorities as it thought to be anti-communist and anti-establishment, yet organiser Agnieszka Kuczynska explained how the authorities came to misunderstand the parade’s meaning.

‘The first march was very unusual. The Sausage Dogs arrived at the parade in carriages and waiters served sausages on silver trays. It’s true that the editor in chief of Przekroj Magazine, Mieczyslaw Czuma, who initiated the event, could have faced serious consequences. He was held accountable for provoking the authorities and ridiculing the May 1st parade. Of course this was not his intention but in those days the authorities were not ready for this kind of event, so it was banned. In 1994 it was brought back again,’ she said.

After the fall of Communism in Poland, Cracow’s local radio station decided to bring the parade back and give the tradition a second lease of life.

Now, can anyone tell us what this dog is dressed as?

Unidentifiable costume at Krakow 2010 Dachshund parade

Photos from jgraczynski at Flickr.

Wiener dog contest tomorrow in L.A.

Costume contest for your four-legged friends at Blvd. 16:

The “Sit, Bark, Sip” happy hour includes $3-$5 snacks for both you and your pooch, as well as cocktail and beer specials. (Duke might want to hold off on the Cosmos though.) There will be a costume contest for the pooches, as well as an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records for the most dachshund wiener dogs in costume.
The event will take place on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Wish we all could be Southern California Dachshunds. Far away wiener dog lovers await the photos.

Halloween costumes for wiener dogs

Update: Over the past few years, Halloween costumes for dogs have become seriously popular. Amazon has dozens on offer, ranging from hot dogs to pumpkins to princesses. You could even turn your princess into a pumpkin or — if you have two dogs — make them a pair.

With just days to go before Howl-o-ween, here’s some inspiration for those of you who haven’t yet figured out how to dress your Dachshund.

Halloweenie!, originally uploaded by danika467.

I could bee your Valentine, originally uploaded by robinbobby.

Vegas Showgirl, originally uploaded by robinbobby.

Howl-a-Weenie, originally uploaded by gogostevie.

Howl-a-Weenie, originally uploaded by gogostevie.

Howl-a-Weenie, originally uploaded by gogostevie.

Rosie’s Halloween Costume, originally uploaded by canikon1998.

5121 Wiener Mania!!!, originally uploaded by greyhound rick.

IPod dog sings the hits., originally uploaded by poubeans.

Super Dog, originally uploaded by hannenowak.