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Perfect names for male and female Dachshunds whether you want a traditional Germanic name or something more adventurous — like Bratwurst or Brat for short.

Blind blogger hurls insults at Dachshund owner

One short post, eight long-dog insults:

  1. Crazy sausage dog
  2. Yappy wiener dog
  3. Nutty knackwurst
  4. Fat, whiny bratwurst
  5. Jumbo sausage on legs
  6. Horrible hot dog
  7. Little lump of liverwurst
  8. Hazardous poor excuse for a pet dog

In a final post on sausage dogs, the blind blogger says it’s not the dogs but their owners that she’s got a beef with. In fact she confesses, “I once had such a pepperoni pooch.”

You say wiener dog, I say sausage dog

A Flickr discussion group has lots of nicknames for wiener dogs including hot dogs, stovepipes, “Niskopodłogowy” which is Polish for low floor-board, salchichas in Latin America, shoricar which is Romanian for mouse hunter, bagel dog in Israel, Worshond or Worsie in South Africa,”Sho Dari” in Korea which means short legs, and much more. Check it out.

Dog owners like human names for their pets

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that more and more humans are giving their dogs names fit for children. Instead of Fluffy, Rover and Fido, today’s dogs today go by names like Max, Lucy, Samantha, Charlie or, in the case of one Bay Area papillon spaniel, William III.

The Chronicle looked at animal license records from San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose to find the most popular pet names – and the most perplexing. It discovered:

Beagles are likely to be Bailey. Boxers often are Rocky. Dachshunds are Oscar. And Jack Russell terriers are, of course, Jack.

“That’s been the trend for about 15 years, because nowadays pets are members of the family,” said Lynn Spivak, who has worked as a San Francisco pet advocate for nearly two decades.

“Personally, I don’t understand it,” said Spivak, who first worked with the San Francisco Society for the Preservation of Animals and now is a part of Maddie’s Fund, a new family foundation dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals. “I like food names myself – like Honey, Peaches and Cookie.”

Cute, classic pet names seem more likely to go to cats – Tiger, Tigger and, of course, Kitty. They also go to certain small dog breeds, like Lucky the Pomeranian and Princess the poodle. The ever-popular Chihuahua is likely to get stuck with such labels as Chico, Chiquita, Shorty and even Taco.

Then there are the wise guys. Twenty pets got dubbed Killer, including six Chihuahuas, three cats, a Pomeranian, a rat terrier and a dachshund.

The Chronicle also has a video of owners discussing their dog name choices. The only thing it’s missing is a complete list of Dachshund names — good thing the Daily Doxie already has one.

Name makes Dachshund a laughing stock

The Daily Doxie‘s posts on popular dog and Dachshund names get lots of hits from visitors wondering what to call their wiener pups. From traditional German names like Otto and Frieda to more eccentric names like Brat(wurst) and Link — which require a dog with a certain level of self confidence — inspiration, it appears, is always wanted.

Now, if only these people had visited the Daily Dachshund and Dog News before deciding to name their dog Levitra after an erectile dysfunction drug. Seems they turned down Viagra, even though they thought it was visually apt, because they deemed it too masculine. What next? A big wiener joke.

For more on what to call your wiener dog, click on the names label directly below.

New trend: naming dogs after celebrities

As a follow-up to our post on popular dog and Dachshund names, we get word that naming your dog after a celebrity is now something of a trend. Britain’s PDSA has even compiled a list of the 10 most popular celebrity pet names:

  1. Tyson (Mike)
  2. Harry (Potter or Prince)
  3. Ozzy (Osbourne)
  4. Robbie (Williams)
  5. Rooney (Wayne)
  6. Beckham (David)
  7. Paris (Hilton)
  8. Elvis (Presley)
  9. Jessie (Wallace)
  10. Britney (Spears)

Sporting the number one most popular celeb name, here is Tyson the stud.

Top Dachshund names from traditional to cheeky

Picasso & Lump book

No, Lump isn’t on our list of great wiener dog names, proving even brilliant artists can make serious mistakes of taste. (Click here or on the image to find out more about this gorgeous book.)

Updated September 2011: Readers have added almost 100 more wiener dog names. Just scroll down to the comments to see them all. Whether you’re looking for something Germanic and traditional or more offbeat — like Brat, short for Bratwurst — we’ve got all sorts of suggestions.

—————————-, the largest online database of adoptable pets, announced earlier this month the 2007 Top 10 Pet Names for dogs. They were gathered from’s more than 11,000 animal shelters and rescue group members. But because not just any name is suitable for your Dachshund puppy, we’ve also added out own favourite wiener dog names below. popular dog names

1. Buddy 2. Max 3. Sadie 4. Jack 5. Daisy 6. Lucy 7. Lady 8. Charlie 9. Rocky 10. Duke

Favourite wiener dog names

For Female Dachshunds

Anka, (Mini-) Cooper, Sissy, Elfie, Elke, Elsa, Elsie, Freda, Greta, Gretchen, Heidi, Lexi, Lulu, Maddie, Millie, Mitzi, Riley, Sammy, Schnapps, Sophie, Susie

For Male Dachshunds

Arnold, Axel, Barry, Baxter, Benson, Bentley, (Mini-)Cooper, Dieter, Duncan, Felix, Frank, Fritz, Gavin, Günter, Jasper, Kaspar, Klaus, Luther, Marty, Max, Murphy, Oscar, Otis, Riley, Rusty, Sammy, Schnapps, Siegfried, Spencer, Tucker, Viktor, Willie

Almost 10 years ago, the Canadian Dachshund site,, did a survey of Doxie owners and found Oscar to be the most popular Dachshund name. If you want something Germanic influenced and didn’t find anything to your taste in the selection above, here’s a complete list of German names. The Daily Dachshund and Dog News especially likes Frieda for girls and Sigmund for boys. We’re also partial to Fritz, which is as classic as Oscar although less cerebral.

If you’re looking for a name because you’re about to get a puppy, be sure to visit our section on Dachshund puppies, which tells you how to find a happy, healthy wiener puppy (standard or mini) and bring it up right.