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Dachshund Christmas Cards "Hot Doggin' Holiday"

Dachshund News gets ready for Christmas

Dachshund Christmas Cards "Hot Doggin' Holiday"

"Hot Doggin' Holiday"

Dear Dachshund News subscribers.

It’s December so I can now officially use the C-word.

If you hop on over to the Dachshund News, you’ll see  some seasonal posts from the past, which feature lovely and sometimes funny Dachshund Christmas cards.

Put on some Xmas music and check them out. We’ll be back soon with some gift suggestions for (wiener) dog lovers. Get ready for a Hot Doggin’ Holiday.

The Best Dachshund Christmas Cards

Here at the Daily Doxie, we don’t always plan ahead, but, as my father used to say, “Do as I say not as I do.”

Check out our fabulous selection of wiener dog Christmas Cards from last year including the little guy above who’s back in stock after selling out in 2008.

We’ll have more great card suggestions coming your way soon.

Feel free to add your suggestions.