Catching up on some past Daily Doxie stories

Jasmine, the rescue Dachshund who was a puppy mill breeder, remains shy around the man of the house. But, after watching Oprah’s puppy mill show, her female owner reflects on the adjustments her little Doxie’s made:

She’ll probably never be a totally “normal” dog. But she will give us love and always be loved. And regardless of what she has been through in the past, Jasmine is a happy puppy. Watching her bask in the sun streaming through the window yesterday afternoon, wiggling her little butt here and there to “regulate” the amount of sun hitting her body, I know that we’ve given her the life and love she deserves and the wagging tail and smiling face are just little indicators of how far she’s come.

No word on whatever became of the puppies of Magic the Dachshund, who gave birth and was whisked off for an emergency cesarian on live internet TV. There haven’t been any comments on the website for 24 days and the puppies may very well be in their new homes by now. The Daily Doxie thinks Magic is is in danger of becoming another Ruben Studdard or Taylor Hicks.

Finally, we’d like to start following the ongoing story of Sabrina the dieting rescue Dachshund. Her owner writes:

Let’s hear it for the girl! A mere two weeks ago Sabrina’s first weigh-in clocked her at 17.6 pounds, when she should weigh around 12 pounds. Today’s results: 15.2 pounds! She lost 2.4 pounds, or almost 14 percent of her body blubber. We are so proud of her!