Busting urban myths about Dachshunds

As the Daily Dachshund and Dog News went searching the internet trying to dig up more pictures of Dachshunds with naked men and women, we were elated to uncover this picture of supermodel Cindy Crawford with “her pet wire-haired dachshund ‘Gerbil,’ a gift from ex-husband Richard Gere, valiantly – though perhaps vainly – attempting to protect his mistress’ modesty” at Andouille’s Dachshund pages.

Like the good reporters we are, we went looking for the source of the naughty Dachshund photo and discovered — at WienerDogs.org — that there was no source as the photo was a fake:

This seductive pose of Model Ciindy Crawford uses a Dachshund to cover up the naughty bits from view. However, the Dachshund was quite clearly pasted into the original picture after the fact, as shown in this brightened version. But Cindy does own a Dachshund called Gerbil, a gift from her ex-husband Richard Gere

We’re with him right up until the part about Cindy really having a Gerbil that was given to her by Richard Gere. Seems unlikely given Gere’s history with nasty gerbil rumours.

And speaking of rumours, the Andouille pages seem to be the source of a lot of them, whether by intent or by gullibility, although the Daily Doxie suspects the former. Consider Andouille’s claim that Toto in the Wizard of Oz was originally supposed to be a Dachshund but was dropped from the role once filming was well underway due to “post-war hostility toward the Germans.”

When this news originally broke on the Dachshund chatboards, some Doxie lovers frothed at the mouth over the injustice of it all. “Toto was suppose to be a Dachshund!!!!” wrote a Las Vegas Meetup Group member in full conspiracy theory mode:

Like the ignorance of the film studio executives (since the dachshund originates not in Germany but in North Africa in the age of the Pharaohs), the mere inversion of two letters in the dog’s name is indicative of the stultifying effect that the grip of Cold War McCarthyism had upon creativity in Hollywood film-making at the time. Indeed, in our modern age it seems almost a miracle that a film with powerful socialist themes like “The Wizard of Oz,” with its patent titular reference to the deposed Czars of the old Russian Empire, could even have been produced in that conservtive era.

Luckily, some cooler heads prevailed and the truth was revealed at the Long and Short of it All. The Dachshund with Judy Garland had also been spotted with Marlon Brando, thanks to Photoshop. And That’s not Margaret Hamilton who played the wicked witch and was suposedly the owner of Otto but rather it’s a “woman from a vintage doxie ‘how-to’ pamphlet… demonstrating how to give your doxie his medicine.”
If you know of any other Dachshund urban myths, please let us know.