British courts refuse to return sausage dog

Dachshund at center of legal battleA legal battle over a Dachshund, dubbed the sausage dog trial by the Brit tabloids, ended this week when a man who went to court to try and get his pet dog back after his wife gave it away has had his claim dismissed. The BBC reports:

Gary and Moira Rowlinson, from Offerton, Stockport, gave mini-dachshund Bailey away in February after it bit their granddaughter.

They changed their minds but new owner Steven Spencer would not give him up.

A judge at Stockport County Court ruled Bailey was a “gift” which could not be taken back.

Mr Rowlinson, 55, had made a claim through the small claims court under return of property.

He argued that he was Bailey’s legal owner, but it was his wife who gave the dog away.

Hmmm, sounds like things are unlikely to be harmonious in the Rowlinson household for quite some time. Here’s the Daily Mail‘s juicy take.