Boy rescues Dachshund and owner from pitbull

The nine-year old hero put the pitbull in a chokehold he had learned at martial arts class, reports the Bakersfield Califonian:

Drew was walking with his neighbor after getting the mail last week when the pit bull started attacking the neighbor’s dachshund. She tried to save her dog, but the pit bull started attacking her instead.

That’s when Drew, who his mother described as a “passive, sweet little boy” who “gets beat up all the time” in class, stepped in. He wanted to kick it, he said, but thought the dog would just bite his leg. Instead he put the move on him. “He was moving really hard, like one of those rodeo bulls,” Drew said. “Then he went limp.”

For more than 20 minutes, Drew held the panting dog until Animal Control officials arrived. The dog is now being held at a shelter until Thursday. The city will decide what to do with the dog after that. Euthanization is an option, but Amy Heredia hopes someone rescues it, she said.

Neighbors found the frightened dachshund huddled in a corner of a house being built nearby.

Hats off to Drew and so glad this turned out well — all things considered.