Both Republicans, Democrats love Dachshunds

Washington’s most famous inter-party couple — Mary Matalin, the GOP adviser to both Bushes and Vice President Dick Cheney, and her husband James Carville, the Clinton adviser — are animal lovers with eight cats and five dogs including two Dachshunds.

Carville told US News and World Report:

that following the recent death of his fave Cavalier King Charles spaniel, “I haven’t been the same since. I just find it hard to transfer my affections, and I was pretty close to this one.” Mary playfully calls them “frou-frou dogs with bows in their hair that just brought out a different part of him.” He’s getting over it now thanks to one of their two miniature dachshunds. “I like that dog,” fesses Carville. “Dogs are like people . . . some dogs you just like better than others.”

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