Boston wiener wins America’s top dog

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal awarded the prize for America’s top hot dog to Speed’s of Boston.

So how does (the chef) coax such wonderful flavor out of a commercial half-pound dog?

Speed confides that he marinates the dog, supplied by a local company called Pearl, in apple cider and brown sugar. Then he grills it over charcoal. Actually, this octogenarian entrepreneur lets his young apprentices handle the dogs under his watchful eye. They also toast the buns.

By legend, the piquant relish he supplies along with raw onions and beanless chili to pack into his split 8-inch Kosher-style sausages, is another Speed treasure made by the man himself.

those of us that don’t live in Boston will have to make do with the dog T-shirt: Best HotDog in town.