Boot recommendations for Dachshunds

A reader writes:

Have you found any boots that will stay on your dachshunds feet? I recently moved to Greenland with my dachshund and I can’t seem to keep her boots on her feet and after a few minutes the cold icy conditions make her feet hurt. Any advice?

I’ve never succeeded in getting my dog to wear boots despite the fact that she’s bothered by salt, so let’s hope readers have some recommendations.

I see a lot of dogs wearing the “balloon boots” shown above lately, but I know other dog owners don’t like them as when they come off and get left behind at the park, some dogs gobble them up.

Here are more boot solutions including Musher’s Paste, which I have indeed tested with somewhat mixed results. I just couldn’t be sure it was helping although others swear by it. And I’m in Canada so we give these things a good test drive.