Blind blogger hurls insults at Dachshund owner

One short post, eight long-dog insults:

  1. Crazy sausage dog
  2. Yappy wiener dog
  3. Nutty knackwurst
  4. Fat, whiny bratwurst
  5. Jumbo sausage on legs
  6. Horrible hot dog
  7. Little lump of liverwurst
  8. Hazardous poor excuse for a pet dog

In a final post on sausage dogs, the blind blogger says it’s not the dogs but their owners that she’s got a beef with. In fact she confesses, “I once had such a pepperoni pooch.”

4 thoughts on “Blind blogger hurls insults at Dachshund owner

  1. wise advice

    Your dog might be sweet, but that wiener that jumped my dog? I don’t blame the dog. just the idiot who did not control it. I handle a $35,000.00 registered guide dog…not a whiny pet that attacks incredible and heroic dogs like mine.

  2. Elizabeth

    I completely agree with you about the owners being at fault. I have met pit bulls who are the kindest, sweetest dogs because their owners are amazing, but I have also met collies who are awful because their people don’t know how to handle them. I did not see your original post(I just saw the list of phrases)–that dog’s behavior WAS unacceptable.

  3. The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile

    ITA. We are having fits about the unleashed pits in our neighborhood – sure, they might be lovely around you, but when they snarl and bare their teeth and get territorial, that is NOT their way of saying “hi”.

    But don’t take it out on the dog, take it out on the idiot master. I like whiny pets and would like to have one someday. ;D

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