Be careful of Dachshunds near swimming pools

Hometown has a report on the dangers of leaving dogs near pools unattended:

“A small dog should never be allowed near a pool without a leash,” Dr. Schultz said. “Leashing your dog is the most important thing.”

The veterinarian, who has a dachshund himself, said smaller dogs aren’t natural swimmers. Scarlett weighed about 12 pounds, Ms. Brothers said.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News covered swimming and dog lifejacket issues earlier this year.

One thought on “Be careful of Dachshunds near swimming pools

  1. Emjoi Gently

    and dachies get ear infections easily, as I found out.

    One summer our pup jumped into the pool, fortunately people were in the pool at the time. She just wanted to join in the fun. And it was fine. Someone held her up and she got cooled down on a hot day.

    But then days later she started scratching her ears, and it got bad enough to take her to the Vet.

    Water gets in those big ears, and doesn’t drain out. So I have a week of trying to squirt antibiotics into the ears of a squirming, very uncooperative pup.

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