Aromatherapy for a skunked Dachshund

Marvin Kaplan treats a miniature Dachshund who’s been skunked and writes about it for the Mother Earth News:

Arriving at my door after playing in our orange grove, Scruffy looked miserable and his odor was completely unbearable. My wife and kids shouted, “Wash him with tomato juice!” After enduring a tomato juice bath, Scruffy was still putrid. My wife shouted, “You’re a chemist. Do something!” Fortunately for Scruffy and my family, crisis management and industrial chemistry are my specialties. I remembered reading a news piece by Mr. Paul Krebaum in a recent issue of Chemical Engineering News (October 1993) about a colleague of his who had developed an effective homemade nontoxic pet “deskunker” which totally removed the scent from his cat. After frantically searching for the magazine, I finally found the recipe and followed the easy directions.

Thankfully, I haven’t had to try it but my step brother swears by it. He doesn’t even look at tomato juice now.