Andi wins Daily Dachshund Oscar Quiz

We asked you to name an actress with multiple Dachshunds and Oscars to win the grand prize of assigning the Daily Dachshund and Dog News to the story of your choice.

The answer we were looking for was Ingrid Bergman. While the Daily Doxie cannot turn up a record of her wiener dogs on the internet, we recently heard her daughter, Isabella Rossellini interviewed on CBC radio, where she talked about a cherished Dachshund necklace that reminded her of her childhood and the family’s various wiener dogs.

No one came up with that answer, but Andi Wolfe came up with two other prospects: Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford. While Liz definitely has multiple Oscars, the Daily Doxie suspects the multiple-dachshunds story may be a wiener dog urban myth.

As for Crawford, aka Fur Mommy Dearest, while we can confirm that she had multiple dachshunds, thanks to a Life Magazine article, she only had one Academy Award, which she won in 1945 for Best Actress in Mildred Pierce.

Upon reflection, we have decided, however, to award the prize to Andi Wolfe as it was a tough question and no one else even came close. Andi, name your assignment, and the Daily Doxie will get to work.

In the mean time here’s one of several Dachshund shots from the Life article of March 1, 1937.

The caption reads: “The Tone family consists of Joan, Franchot and three dachshunds. In this picture Joan has Baby, her dog, and Franchot has Bübchen, one of his own. Franchot’s other, Schmeltzy, got away.”

Hmm, wonder if Schmeltzy fled because his Fur Mommy wasn’t always the dearest.
Terrier fans will also be interested to know that Joan had a Scottie before she switched to wiener dogs. If only the dogs could have written their memoirs, maybe we’d have a better handle on what really went on.

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