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Example of a front page link ad at the Dachshund News

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8 thoughts on “Advertise on the Dachshund News

  1. Randy

    WeinrWraps are the only dog coat that was designed by dachshund owners to fit a weiner dog. WeinerWraps are made from a soft, warm and comfortable fleece. Each jacket features a top mounted, full length zipper, making these dog coats quick and easy to put on and take off

  2. Meagan

    Dear Bloggers:

    I found your Dachshund! This game features a lovable Dachshund hound and loud gaseous sounds and will begin shipping in a few days. The website which has the tv commercial for the toy is I’d appreciate it if you checked it out and told some fellow Dachshund fans about it.

    All the best,

    Meagan Swindle

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